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Are you struggling to keep up with your damp issues in Doncaster? You’re not alone! We can diagnose, the cause of your damp problem, provide the correct remedial work and solve the root of your damp issue once and for all!

When it comes to damp proofing doncaster and addressing dampness issues caused by various types of water ingress, including rising damp, penetrating damp, or sub-floor lateral penetrating damp, HPS Damp Proofing is the expert you can trust. We pride ourselves on holding the highest qualifications in the industry, such as the PCA CSDB, CSTDB, and NVQs in Dampness and Timber Preservation. These credentials empower us to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of the problem and leverage our extensive knowledge, expertise, and years of experience to deliver the appropriate remedial solutions for any corrective works required.

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Looking for a Damp Services Company in Doncaster? We provide the best Damp Proofing Doncaster Services.

We are PCa, CSDB, CSTDB and NVQ Qualified Family Run Company.

When it comes to providing Damp Proofing Doncaster, HPS Damp Proofing are the very best at providing experienced, friendly and pofessional services to your damp problems. We specialise in all aspects of damp and timber preservation. Whether youre looking for a Damp Survey in Doncaster or youve got issues with Fungal Decay, Dry Rot, Woodworm or condensation. We are insured, qualified, reliable and highly recommended.

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Damp Proofing Doncaster Damp Services Doncaster

HPS Damp Proofing are the Number 1 go to company for any of your Damp Services Doncaster Requirements. We provide all aspects of Damp Services in Doncaster from the treatment of fungal decay to woodworm infestation, mould and condensation. From hiring skips, removing debris from the site to plaster work. We leave the area as good as new, provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and ensure your damp issue is gone forever. 

Doncaster Damp Proofing Services
Full Damp Proofing Servces in Doncaster
  • Damp Proofing
  • Timber Preservation
  • Damp and Timber Survey
  • Pre-Buy Damp and Timber Survey
  • Condensation and Mould Survey
  • Mould Eradication Unit
  • PIV Unit Installation
Doncaster Damp Proofing Services
Our Damp Proofing Qualifications
  • PCA (Property Care Association)
  • CSDB
  • NVQ
Doncaster Damp Proofing Services
Doncaster, Why Choose HPS?

We are the Damp and Timber Specialists in Doncaster. When it comes to Damp prevention, damp remedies, dampy surveying and damp treatments, HPS Damp Proofing are your go to company. 

Whether its a full installation of a Damp Proof Course to external waterproofing we take care of your damp requirements from start to finish. Whatever size of project your damp issue is, we bring the same level of expertise, experience, knowledge and professionalism to ensure you get the highest level of services.

Timber Preservation Doncaster

Timber preservation involves identifying and addressing timber issues caused by various types of water ingress, such as fungal decay, dry rot, wet rot, or woodworm infestation. At HPS Damp Proofing, we possess the highest qualifications in the industry, including the PCA CSDB, CSTDB, and NVQ certifications in Dampness and Timber Preservation. We serve all sectors, from domestic properties to English Heritage sites.

With our expertise and experience, we can accurately diagnose the underlying cause of the problem and provide the appropriate remedial solutions for any required corrective work. Our process begins with a PCA Qualified Survey, which includes a thorough assessment and a detailed proposal of recommended works along with a remedial quote.

If you suspect a damp issue in your property, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our specialist team members will promptly visit your location and conduct a precise diagnosis of the problem. If you require Damp Proofing Doncaster Get in touch today.

Timber Preservation Doncaster
Damp Survey Doncaster

Damp & Timber Survey Doncaster - Damp Proofing Doncaster

Damp Proofing Doncaster – Our Specialist PCA CSDB | CSTDB Certificated Damp and Timber Surveyor conducts a comprehensive Damp and Timber Survey to investigate and examine your property for potential issues related to dampness, timber damage, or woodworm infestation.

During this survey, both the internal and external areas of your property are thoroughly assessed to accurately identify the type and extent of any dampness, fungal decay, or wood-boring infestation that may be present. Based on the findings, our surveyor provides a definitive diagnosis along with a detailed list of recommended works and a remedial quote to address the identified issues.

The Damp and Timber Survey aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of any existing problems and the necessary steps to rectify them. By relying on our specialist surveyor’s expertise, you can gain valuable insights into the condition of your property and make informed decisions regarding the required remedial actions.

Our experienced Damp Technicians carry out Damp and Timber surveys to thoroughly investigate and examine your property, assessing the extent of dampness, timber damage, and woodworm issues that may be present to your property or business in Doncaster

Damp Proofing Doncaster, Why Choose HPS Damp Proofing

The Number 1 Doncaster Damp Services Company. HPS Damp Proofing, your premier destination for top-quality damp proofing services in Doncaster. As a family-run business based in Doncaster, we take immense pride in our status as a PCA (Property Care Association) and NVQ Qualified company. With our extensive expertise in all aspects of damp and timber preservation, including damp proofing, timber treatments, and PCA qualified damp and timber surveys, we are your go-to experts for tackling any damp-related issue. Our skilled team is proficient in addressing problems such as fungal decay, dry rot, wet rot, woodworm infestation, mould and condensation, PIV installation, basement waterproofing and conversions, as well as advanced plastering and joinery. With our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results and ensuring customer satisfaction, HPS Damp Proofing is here to provide you with comprehensive solutions to safeguard your property. Trust us to keep your home free from damp-related woes. Contact us today for reliable and efficient damp proofing services in Doncaster.
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